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The Incredible Pier Cushions are fast becoming favored by many boaters because of their features over regular boat fenders. 

A typical dock fender has to be positioned between the dock or pier and the boat.  When weather or wave action moves the boat around, the fenders can slide out of position, actually causing boat damage.  It's often a hassle attempting to realign, re-tie and re-position fenders.  

The Pier Cushions are different, because they fasten to the pier or dockpost and stay in position.  No fender clips, lines to tie or re-tie.  They fend off your boat at the rub-rail...not the gelcoat surface, preventing gelcoat surface scratching.  They are extremely easy to fasten....just strap them on.  They are smaller & lighter than typical fenders and stow in smaller spaces.  They are inflatable and made of UV resistant all PVC construction. 

Dimensions: 23" x 7" x 4 1/2"  
Weight: 4.5 lbs

Two Strap choices

1) The vinyl velco® strap - easy to apply and will fit up to a 9" diameter round or square post and can fit vertically or horizontally.  This cushion is portable but may also be made permanent by screwing the straps to the post. 

2) The nylon strap w/buckle - with quick release buckle is recommended for portable use only.  This cushion will fit a 4" to 14" diameter post.  Many boaters prefer this strap because of its tightening strength.

Nylon Strap with Buckles
Aligned w/ Rubrail

Doubled Up for
Changing Water Levels

Simple Care & Instructions: 
Fasten the straps tight to the post.  Air may be added after The Pier Cushion is secured, but it is not necessary to use air pressure.  Any ordinary basketball needle may be used to inflate.  Do not over fill and cause The Pier Cushion to lose it's shape.  A small amount of air volume is all that is necessary.  When you apply The Pier Cushion to a post it actually becomes much firmer.  The Pier Cushion will expand and contract based on the air temperature.

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